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AM Industries Vietnam?is an independent company supplying steel components, spare parts, steel structure,?steel fabrication, industrial services, and sourcing from Vietnam and Asia to Worldwide.

We have experience in fabricating and controlling production quality complied with Australian Standards, American Standards, and EU Standards. We also can apply other Standards and Sourcing platform with High-Quality Control.

Our competitive advantage is a continued focus on improving processes, manufacturing, and services.

By managing the entire process, we control costs, stock and quality to consistently deliver projects on time and budget.


STEEL COMPONENTS凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

We are offering a wide range of Carbon Steel Components to clients in standard dimensions and sizes to meet your…

STEEL STRUCTURE凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

We specialize in supplying from small steel structure of patio covers, commercial sun canopies, and other healthy outdoor living products,…

STEEL SILOS凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

We have the storage solution to fit your needs. Built-in our facilities and delivered to you either fully assembled or…

STAINLESS STEEL COMPONENTS凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

We are offering stainless steel components that are widely used in various other industries. We fabricate these Stainless Steel Components…

BUILDING PRODUCTS凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

We offer the widest variety of building products and the best construction supplies. We provide services and search products for…

KITTING & ASSEMBLY凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

You can rely on us to ensure that we complete your kitted and final assembly orders efficiently, correctly and on…


Through partnership and shared expertise, collaboration is key in helping us to develop innovative solutions for your projects. Besides our…

QUALITY CONTROL SERVICES凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

Quality management is integral to every part of the manufacturing process, from conception to the delivery of the final product.…


We have the speed, trusted resources, and experienced professionals needed to meet your supply chain needs (large or small) on…




As your eyes in Quality manufacturing standards control and the supply chain. AM Industries Vietnam has remained faithful to our two basic founding philosophies: HIGH-QUALITY RESULTS & ON-TIME PERFORMANCE

  • SAFETY凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址


    We take the health, safety, and welfare of all our staff, clients, consultants, visitors, and the general public very seriously and are proactively committed to zero harm on all...

  • COMMUNITY凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址


    We can do more when we work together. Our commitment to having a positive and meaningful impact on the communities in which we operate remains strong...

  • POLICY凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址


    AM Industries Vietnam values its workers and is committed to ensuring their health and safety through effective implementation of our Work, Health, and Safety Management...

  • ENVIRONMENT凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址


    We create a healthy company environment in motivating and engaging employees: build trust; communication; team members; be flexible; promote wellness; have some fun.


CASE STUDIES凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

Melissa White - General Manager凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

“We’re very happy with the product quality and service from AM and now that we’ve developed an order rhythm and have got our heads around…

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Ariel H. - Procurement Manager凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

“From the planning right through to the construction of our grain bunker – the whole process ran smoothly and professionally. The new cover has substantially…

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Ted McGath - Head of BD & Technical Sales凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

"I would recommend AM Industries Vietnam to anyone looking to buy trusses, the process was smooth from start to finish. It is a good quality…

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Melissa White - General Manager凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

“We’re very happy with the product quality and service from AM and now that we’ve developed an order rhythm and have got our heads around…

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Billy Cottle - Procurement Manager凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

“Another outstanding job, I am very pleased with the quality of the work and would recommend AM Industries Vietnam as well as the Production Team…

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Alex Gowl - Head of Procurement凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

"We chose AM Industries Vietnam because they had a good reputation for experiencing a good honest about the industry. It was very professional all the…

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Adrian Emin - Owner凤凰彩票官网网址,凤凰彩票官方网站,凤凰彩票官网登录网址

"We were recommended to speak with AM Industries Vietnam and are delighted with the result. In communication with AM team is very smooth, they understand…

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